Three Kaufman’s In Asia

When I first started to travel long-term, people always asked me what  I was running away from, wondered why I wanted to be gone so long, and would mostly tell me I was crazy or weird.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t get a lot of encouragement and support in the beginning.

Sometimes your friends and family, the people you want most to be supportive of your trip, aren’t as enthusiastic as you’d like them to be. They don’t understand, and try to talk you out of going. It can be deflating and saddening. You’re so excited about this adventure and here they are, raining on your parade.  Once I moved and settled into my asian life almost two years ago in Thailand, that all began to change.  Yes, of course there are still TONS of friends and even family who don’t get why I am here, or don’t quite understand this world I try to describe to them, but I have a ton of supporters who really have encouraged me to keep this wandering spirit inside of me alive.

For all of those who still don’t quite get it, NEWS FLASH PEOPLE: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take the alternative path and travel the world.

I am here and loving every minute of it.  It’s been such an unique experience not only traveling this side of the world, but living and fully embracing myself in a new culture.  It has allowed me to see, experience and learn a lot along the way. For me though, since I stepped foot into Asia, my biggest desire has been to have someone important in my life come experience this side of the world for themselves.  Traveling has completely changed my life, and I needed my family to see that first hand.

For 10 days, my mom, sister and myself traveled all over Thailand.  We got to see some of my favorite places including Bangkok, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi and Chiang Mai.  Our time was short, so I really packed it in and made sure that my family got to see all the different places, people, and ways of life in Thailand.  It was an epic trip, very memorable, and such a great opportunity for all of us.

I feel really grateful that not only my mom, but my younger sister had the opportunity to come to Thailand for two weeks.  Thailand was my home for almost a full year.  It was my first taste into this side of the world, and taught me, and molded me into a person I didn’t even know I was capable of becoming.  For my mom and sister to experience that culture first hand, is something I will never forget.  I still remember when I told friends and family I was moving to Asia.  Some assumed I wouldn’t have internet, some said I would be living in a hut in the jungle, or not be able to shower for weeks.  It was shocking how much people assumed wrong about Asia.  For me, I needed to see this world first hand, on my own terms and own time.   I needed to get out and touch it, smell it, taste it, on my own, for what it truly is.  And since moving here, I especially wanted my family to get to experience  all of that too.  I wanted someone else to be able to understand why it is I am here, and doing what I am doing.

It still shocks me some days that I live in Asia, and have created the opportunity for myself to work and travel the world.  It has been an incredible journey thus far, and I feel very lucky to live this life, and to have my mom and sister come see it for themselves! Check out the photos below, and a video here of our trip !





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  1. cassidy says:

    this is amazing

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